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For over 25 years, attorneys have called on Amy Hanegan of Better Witnesses / Trial Consulting Services to help increase witness effectiveness and provide successful strategies for case presentation, voir dire and jury selection.

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  • Witness Preparation - Most witnesses have never been deposed or testified in court, and lack of familiarity with the legal arena can be frightening.
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) - Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services will design and customize courses to meet the needs of clients/participants.
  • Post Trial Juror Interviews - Gaining insight into how the jurors were thinking throughout the trial and what caused the verdict is critical for possible appeal, divulging juror misconduct and/or to winning in the future.
  • Voir Dire & Jury Selection - Voir dire and jury selection are more easily mastered when working with Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services.
  • Opening Statement & Closing Argument - Whether it’s opening or closing arguments, Better Witnesses will help you develop themes, organize your presentation and have compelling visual aids to deliver your case to the jury.
  • Community Attitude Surveys - A Community Attitude Survey is often the most efficient way to provide the basis for a Change of Venue motion and an excellent precursor to conducting Jury Research.
  • Trial Strategy & Theme Development - Simplify and incorporate persuasive trial themes that will resonate in your voir dire, trial graphics, witness testimony, opening statement and closing argument.
  • Jury Research - Jury research is the most powerful tool available to obtain a pre-trial response to your case!