Trial Strategy & Theme Development

Simplify and incorporate persuasive trial themes that will resonate in your voir dire, trial graphics, witness testimony, opening statement and closing argument.

Theme Development, Trial Strategy, Case Presentation.

  • Develop the statements that jurors will remember
  • Learn when and how to introduce them
  • Learn how to keep them in front of jurors throughout the trial
  • Learn how to incorporate the themes into your witnesses’ testimony
  • Brainstorm how jurors think
  • Discover ways to hurdle problems through trial presentation
  • Strategically determine the best order for witnesses
  • Present your case with confidence, clarity and purpose
  • Learn what engages jurors and what turns them off
  • Learn and teach witnesses proper courtroom demeanor

There may be nothing more important than establishing the themes of your case.  These are the bullet pointed statements that the jury must know and learn to support you and your client.  They must be simple, clearly understood and easily reiterated by the jury or judge. Strategies for voir dire, opening statement, witnesses’ testimony and closing argument  flow from these themes.  They are the critical pieces for effective communication.

Case themes should be verbally and visually presented several times throughout the trial, so that they can be easily reiterated in deliberations. Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services partners with Legal Presentation Graphics to provide persuasive and compelling mediation and trial graphics.

Let  Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services help you develop winning trial themes and assist you in incorporating them throughout the trial.