Post Trial Juror Interviews

Gaining insight into how the jurors were thinking throughout the trial and what caused the verdict is critical for possible appeal, divulging juror misconduct and/or to winning in the future.

What is more frustrating than spending days, often weeks, in the courtroom and having the jury come in against you?

Get Answers To The Following Questions

  • Why did jurors vote the way they did?
  • What was most persuasive?
  • How were deliberations conducted?
  • How effective or ineffective was your strategy?
  • What frustrated them?
  • Which witnesses were most persuasive?
  • Did the jury like you and your client?
  • What did they miss and why?
  • What visual aids were most helpful?
  • What did they need to render a verdict in your favor?
  • How did they come to the damage figure?
  • What message did they want to send to you?

If the answers to the above questions are important to you, then allow Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services to conduct Post Trial Juror Interviews.