Voir Dire & Jury Selection

Voir dire and jury selection are more easily mastered when working with Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services.

Voir Dire – One of the Most Difficult Parts of a Trial

  • How do I start?
  • What topics should I cover?
  • How should I ask the questions?
  • Who do I want on my jury?
  • What will allow me to learn the most about the jurors?

Juror Experience Drives Verdict

  • Jury research has indicated that demographics should not be the only determinant in eliminating or de-selecting jurors
  • The most powerful verdict predictor is one’s life experiences
  • It is the job of the trial attorney to expose those experiences
  • How to do that should be a joint effort between the Better Witnesses trial consultant and counsel

Brain-storming areas for voir dire with Better Witnesses trial consultants will  make the job easier.

  • Counsel can explore voir dire areas that will get jurors talking
  • Juror biases can then be revealed

The trial consultant brings another pair of eyes and ears to the courtroom.

  • The Better Witnesses trial consultant focuses on both jurors who are speaking and those who are not
  • The body language, facial expression, overall attitude and image of the non-speaking juror can often telegraph messages
  • Knowing how to interpret these non-verbal cues is one expertise of Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services 
  • Challenges are more confidently rendered when all aspects of communication are evaluated