• Witness Preparation

    Most witnesses have never been deposed or testified in court, and lack of familiarity with the legal arena can be frightening.

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  • Voir Dire & Jury Selection

    Voir dire and jury selection are more easily mastered when working with Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services.

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  • Trial Strategy & Theme Development

    Simplify and incorporate persuasive trial themes that will resonate in your voir dire, trial graphics, witness testimony, opening statement and closing argument.

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  • Jury Research

    Jury research is the most powerful tool available to obtain a pre-trial response to your case!

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  • Our Services

    For over 25 years, attorneys have called on Amy Hanegan of Better Witnesses / Trial Consulting Services to help increase witness effectiveness and provide successful strategies for case presentation, voir dire and jury selection.

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About Better Witnesses & Amy Hanegan

Amy B. Hanegan has been a communication consultant since 1976.  As president of her own communications training firm in New York City, she provided training programs which rendered techniques for enhancing public speaking skills, corporate presentations and selling skills.  

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  • We have worked with Amy on a number of difficult and complex cases. She brings valuable insights for synthesizing issues, developing themes, preparing witnesses analyzing juries, and helping to simplify the case so it is concise, understandable and persuasive. Amy is easy to work with and would be a welcomed member to any trial team.

    Dan Mullin – Mullin Law Group, PLLC
  • Amy Hanegan has assisted me and my firm in a number of complex litigation cases and each time the experience was not only helpful and informative but beneficial and pertinent to the success of obtaining favorable verdicts on behalf of our clients. Ms. Hanegan’s ability to get right down to the issue of the case and provide the most effective witness possible is a true gift that very few people possess. I look forward to working with her again on future complex cases.

    William W. Spencer – Murray, Dunham & Murray – Seattle, WA
  • From assisting with client deposition preps to developing trial themes, I rely on Amy to bring her expertise and outside perspective to my cases. She is a valuable member of my litigation team at all stages of a case.

    Jennifer L. Moore – Bennet Bigelow & Leedom – Seattle, WA
  • Amy Hanegan is a gifted trial consultant with whom I have worked for over 20 years. She brings out the best in every witness – more effective communication, more accurate testimony and, most importantly, more of a sense of comfort and preparedness for the witness facing the stressful situation of having to testify at deposition or trial. Amy’s skills particularly come through with witnesses who are more difficult or who face significant language and/or communication challenges.

    Elizabeth Leedom – Bennet Bigelow & Leedom – Seattle, WA
  • In order to educate effectively, first we must communicate effectively. Yet the process of providing testimony in litigation is counterintuitive to most witnesses. Amy has provided a valuable service over the years, helping clients and witnesses understand the unique aspects of the litigation process in order to more effectively communicate regarding facts and opinions critical to the ultimate search for the truth.

    Tom Fain – Fain Anderson VanDerhoef, PLLC – Seattle, WA
  • Whether it be assisting in developing an effective voir dire, crafting the elements of an opening statement or assisting in putting a witness at ease- I have found Amy Hanegan’s background, experience and common sense most invaluable. Amy is my sounding board on all my tough cases and helps provide clarity and vision.

    Dominique Pollara – Schuring, Zimmerman, Doyle – Sacramento, CA
  • Amy is just wonderful to work with! She has assisted many of my clients to become better witnesses by listening to their concerns and then devising specific strategies to address those concerns. A more self-confident witness is a better witness and Amy knows how to boost self-confidence.

    Rebecca Ringer – Floyd, Phleuger, Ringer – Seattle, WA