Witness Preparation

Most witnesses have never been deposed or testified in court, and lack of familiarity with the legal arena can be frightening.

Better Witnesses’ preparation sessions teach witnesses to:

  • Communicate the truth with confidence
  • Listen effectively
  • Use tools and techniques to aid in the litigation process
  • Enhance strengths while mitigating weaknesses
  • Identify the parameters of their testimony
  • Take control
  • Dress appropriately
  • Use effective body language

To achieve greater comfort with the litigation process, trial attorneys have turned to Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services to provide their clients with techniques that are effective in raising confidence and improving deposition and trial testimony.

  • Spending hours reviewing the case does not ensure an effective deponent or trial witness.
  • Witnesses need to experience direct and cross-examination to improve.
  • Learning and using communication techniques that allow the witness to tell the truth with confidence and sincerity is the objective of witness preparation.
  • Even in the most serious or adverse circumstances, it is possible to improve a witness’s performance.
  • Investing in witness preparation sessions ensures that counsel has a witness who understands the process and is comfortable testifying.
  • An attorney’s effectiveness is highlighted by the excellence of his or her client’s presentation.