Jury Research

Jury research is the most powerful tool available to obtain a pre-trial response to your case!

Every jury research project is customized to meet specific client objectives. Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services will provide a comprehensive report that analyzes the research data and provides targeted recommendations for compelling trial presentation.

Types of Jury Research:

  • Tabletop discussions
  • Credibility studies
  • Focus groups
  • Mock trials

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Present your case to mock jurors matched to venue
  • Watch surrogate jurors deliberate
  • Get the opportunity to think like your opponent
  • Talk to venue matched jurors about your cases
  • Obtain winning strategies for settlement, case presentation, witness preparation, opening statement, visual aids, voir dire and jury selection

The following questions will be answered:

  • What would a jury, matched to venue,  think of my case?
  • Do they think my evidence is convincing?
  • Do they like my client?
  • Did the visual aids help them understand? What else do they want to see?
  • If they don’t think I should win, why not?
  • What kind of damages are they thinking of awarding?

Better Witnesses Trial Consulting Services works with the top national focus group facilities and recruiters.